Monday, February 21, 2005


Beware of the Hillary Clinton move

Help!! Hillary Clinton is moving so fast to the right she is having fainting spells. I hope the republicans and the sensible people will remember the extreme positions that are the real Hillary.
Did you see Bill Clinton promoting his wife no end on TV this week? They have the whole thing planned out.
But if the people remember .....
Hillary believes that government programs are better for children than family.
She believes that a government run healthcare system is the answer to all of America's healthcare problems.
She believes that the baby in the womb is not a life and the women should be free to choose to kill the child.
Hillary hates the military and when her decent husband was in the whitehouse and she had some power she would actually undermine generals and other military personal just to cut funding so she can spend it on other non-military stuff. What in the world does a communist sympathizer know about this stuff? Can you imagine her as commander in chief?
She is such a liar and pretender that she has the whole of New York fooled but can she fool the red states ? Not if the smart people realize she is lying and pretending to act out what she does not believe to get elected to the highest office in the USA.
The mainline press is behind her so they will not ask her the embarrassing questions in the 2006. So that she will be safely re-elected to the senate from New York and then she can lie her way to the presidency. I really hope Rudy Giuliani runs against her in 2006 making sure she cannot run in 2008. Then a conservative republican like George Allen wins in 2008 and make Rudy the defense or Secretary of State.
But my blog is just a BEWARE OF HILLARY CLINTON!!!

Saturday, November 06, 2004


Values !! What are values ????

The funniest thing to watch on TV and on the web these days is the "Rats" running around saying "We have values , we have values , we just need to learn to speak the language of the American people who want to hear us speak of our values ".
I can hardly contain my laughter. They are never going to get it, they do not understand how evangelicals and middle America live and nothing they say will make the difference because the bed-rock is not what you say but what you do and how you live.

This is the party that embraced the Clintons and even now adore this completely degenerate man. The Clintons would not understand values like honesty and honor if these values walked up to them and slapped them on the face !!
They nominated this man, John Kerry, who says he believes "life begins at conception" and yet has consistently voted to kill babies even those make it to the third trimester and are about to be born.
At one time they loved Dean, a complete moron, who wanted the throw out God , Guns and Gays . The very fact that this liberal actually thinks the south wants to see God reduced to the same level as Gays and Guns show you how out of touch these liberals can be.
They can never talk values to anyone in the 96% of counties that voted for president Bush.

Monday, November 01, 2004


Win one for Jesus!!

This is what the talking heads have said over the last year.

If the gas prices stay up Bush will loose.
If Iraq is not pacified Bush will loose.
If the Stock market goes down after labor day Bush will loose.
If Fahrenheit 9/11 is a success in the box office Bush will loose.
If WMD are not found Bush will loose.
and on and on and on......

Then all of the following also happened in almost contrary to any chance the president has to win.
Howard Dean should not be defeated in the primary
Pat Robertson went out and said that the President did not see the reality of war(Which I for one do not believe)
Jerry Bremer was supposed to be President's great supporter and he let down the President in a speech.
Rumsfeld was supposed to be a big selling point he has turned out to be more of
a liability than ever.

None of this takes into account that millions of evangelicals are praying for president Bush's re-election!!
We are going to see a miracle on Nov 2 , 2004.

Monday, October 18, 2004


President Bush loves this country

The question of the day is "Why Elect President Bush and not Kerry ?"

President Bush is a born CEO and has made decisions for most of the last 20 years.

Kerry has never held a job or post where he had to make a decision in the last 20 years.
He is against the USA on following list of important international matters.
the international Court in the Hague
The Kyoto Protocol
the UN
the French position on the war in Iraq

You have no clue where Kerry stands on the security fence for Israel to protect herself.
crazy anti-semites like the Prime minister of Indonesia are supporting Kerry and they have a reason - they hate the WAR ON TERROR which President Bush is fighting with all of his heart.
Kerry thinks the US of A is too powerful so they should cut back on any arms to protect herself. He will say anything and embrace anything if he thinks it will hurt President Bush.
Just look at the Mary Cheney remark.
President Bush loves this country and will never put his political future ahead of doing what is right for this country.

Democrats will be unable to cheat

I am so sick of the lawyers for the "rats" running around saying "they will not allow what happened in Florida to happen again". Do they even know that what happened in Florida is mostly a result of people who are not smart enough to vote properly and the only reason the country was plunged into ignominy was because Al Gore was not willing to accept the truth and tried using the liberal Florida judges to change the rules after the game was over!!!

But this time I am sure that, God-willing there will be such a huge landslide for President Bush that the rats will be not heard from for a few days after Nov 2nd 2004.
People of America will realize (again God willing) that even though they may not agree with this President on everything it would be an invitation to terrorists to elect John Kerry who may be the most "soft on terror" senator alive today.

Thursday, October 14, 2004


President Bush hits a home run

Or as the British would say "He hit a sixer"

It was a joy to watch the President draw the distinction between himself and Senator Kerry. The choice before the people is as clear as light and darkness.

Strong conservative Vs Weak Liberal
War on Terror Vs Cops and Robbers game of the 90s
Fix social Security for our children Vs Lock Box till failure
reduce government Vs Increase Government Programs
Strong Family Values Vs Liberal permissiveness
Promote Culture of Life Vs Promote Limitless Abortion

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Cheney wins with gravitas and experience

God Bless Vice President Cheney for bringing up Senator Kerry's abysmal record on defense. John Edwards seemed like a gadfly ( my husband's words) who needed to be swatted. I think the American people would have noticed the lack of focus by John Edwards on national security- he was saying "healthcare" every 10 minutes like a spoilt kid asking for candy.
I hope the two liberal senators realize that unless we destroy the terrorists there will be no need for healthcare, jobs or the environment. It is really shocking to see what a light weight Kerry has chosen as his running mate: he needed some one who was his moral inferior; or someone who had voted as he had on the 87 billion dollar supplemental and that ruled out most decent democrats.


Leader Vs Debater

As more information comes out about the first debate we see a very encouraging pattern emerging. Even those who were convinced that Kerry clearly won the debate did not feel he was a strong leader. They felt he had style and he attacked the President relentlessly. But the people of America can admire that in a debate and know that when it comes to attacking the evil in the world President Bush is the leader they will choose.
Sure, President Bush missed a lot of chances to pound Kerry who was in the pre-9/11 world, but I am heartened to see that 9/11 has changed the dynamic in the electorate. I believe that the only reason Clinton was elected 2 times was because Americans did not think they were under attack by Islamo-fascists. Now they know there is no appeasing these evil doers, and they will not be swayed to vote for a person who is at best an appeaser and and at worst an "opportunist and internationalist"
Pray for President Bush as he prosecutes the war on terror even as he has to make his case to the American people and also fend of attacks from the likes of Kerry and Edwards.

Friday, October 01, 2004


Kerry has settled on Vietnamization of Iraq

After being all over the map on Iraq, yesterday's debate showed us the true Kerry- though is there something such as a true Kerry, I wonder.

1. He is an appeaser.
2. He thinks America should only strike those who strike us.
3. Wait till Saddam kills Americans on US soil before taking him out
4. America is strong but not smart . America is strong, but no less evil than any other country, such as Libya, Iran, .... The corrupt UN and the axis of weasels are smart and wise.
5. Every death in Iraq means we are losing, and this is Veitnam again.
6. He has been a pacifist his whole life, and does not believe there is anything that is evil which has to be defeated. You see, in his book, everything is relative. (Except perhaps Israel. No wonder he and Kofi Anan get on very well....)

I sincerely hope Americans do not buy into his line of thinking. He is not just anti-Iraq war: he is anti any war including that which is fought to defeat terrorism. Remember that even after 9/11 he said that he considers the fight against terrorism a "law enforcement issue", and is uncomfortable with using the term "war" to describe this fight.

Yesterday's debate may have increased his approval among the anti-war crowd, who would never vote for a strong leader like President Bush anyway , but I doubt if any right thinking person was won over to Kerry.

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